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    Slingbox 500 and Roku 3 Help!


      Here is my scenario:  I have a new Samsung Smart TV with wifi installed in a camper and I'm trying to get my TV content thats hooked up to my Slingbox 500 at home to my camper using a Roku 3.  The kicker is that my only means of internet in the camper is using my phone and an ipad's hotspot for connection.  Is this possible?  When I tried it I hooked up the Roku 3 to the camper TV, then opened up my slingbox app on my phone and my TV was streaming to it just fine. Then I got the Roku online using my phones hotspot which worked just fine but when I went to the Slingbox app on the Roku I couldn't get a picture and my phone didn't have the option to send the signal to the Roku.  What am I missing. Someone mentioned hooking up a router and connecting them both to that but I don't get how that works without the router having an internet connection going to it. Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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          Hello RyanLea,


               The reason why you are experiencing this issue is actually quite simple. In order to stream from a SlingPlayer on a mobile phone to a SlingPlayer for Roku, the phone and the Roku have to both be receiving their Internet connect via the same wifi network. Because you are using the phone as a hotspot, the phone is actually connected to your provider's 3G/4G network. Therefore, in this scenario the phone IS the wifi network, but not technically on one itself.



               If you have further questions about streaming from mobile devices to Roku, check out the FAQ below:




          Hope this helped!



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