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    New Mac mini with HD streaming


      Hello all - I am new to the slingbox world and am interested in putting together the ultimate mac media center - finally getting rid of the evil cablevision!


      Anyway, I would like to purchase a Slingbox PRO-HD to put at my in-laws house and stream HD content to a new mac mini (they just released updated ones today) - but I noticed the HD streaming requires 2.8ghz core 2 duo on the mac.  The fastest you can currently get a mac mini is 2.66ghz - my question is, do you think the mini will be fast enough to handle the HD streaming?  Is anyone out there currently doing something similar - how well is it working for you?  Am I stuck getting SD content only to my mac mini?




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          eferz Expert

          There's a marginal difference between 2.8Ghz Core2 Duo and a 2.66Ghz Core2 Duo.  You'll probably be able to get HD streaming, but don't expect to get the highest of resolutions.


          The range of Slingbox's HD resolutions are listed below.


          • 1280 x 720
          • 1440 x 540
          • 1680 x 540
          • 1920 x 540


          Honestly, I think the more important numbers to determine HD capability is the bandwidth between your home and your in-laws.  You'll need to be able to achieve a sustain speed of 3 Mbps or higher between the connection.  This means your in-laws upload speed needs to be at least 3Mbps and your download speed needs to be atleast 3Mbps.  Just be aware that most ISPs advertise their speeds as "burst" as opposed "sustained".