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    Unstable after port change




      I have the slingbox solo, works great.


      However, i have to change the port to 3389 and here is where my problems begins. Sometimes i can't connect to the slingbox and have to take the power, before i can connect again. 3389 is forwarded in the router and the problem appears randomly both on LAN and WAN.


      Any suggestions? 

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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hey gotskov,


          I'm sorry to hear you're having an issue connecting to your SOLO. The first thing that comes to mind would be to try a different port, as 3389 is not a port that the Slingbox SOLO would generally use. I would recommend trying another, 8080 or 443 are good suggestions. I've never had any issues with 8080, personally. Although, it does look like your Slingbox is configured properly for Internet Viewing.


          Here is an article from our support site which may offer some insight:



          Aside from that, are you using any type of bridge or ethernet switch between your Slingbox and router? Do you receive a specific error message when you are unable to connect? Does the network light remain lit on the unit when you are having trouble connecting? Do you experience the same issue connecting on more than one device (ie: PC/MAC/Mobile devices)?


          If the issue persists, please respond to my questions above and I'd be happy to assist you further!


          Best Regards,


          The Sling Moderation Team

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              Hi Keith


              8080 is not a option, but i'ill give 443 a shot. I just logged in to change from 3389 to 443 and again it frooze. All three lights were on but it just keeped saying "connecting to.....". I took the power and i had no problems getting in. However, the port was NOT 3389, but 5001 again?


              I have now set it to 443 and will test through the weekend.


              But yes, my network is build up with


              Netgear CG3000 (From ISP and working as DHCP)

              TP-Link WDR-4900 (works as switch and aceespoint. DHCP disabled)
              HP Procure 8 port gigaswitch. (Cant remember model)


              I can't remember which lights i lit when i get a "cannot connect". There are no other error messages.

              I have had the problem, on Win7, Mac OS and iOS on both iPhone and iPad. 

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                It seems that switching to 443 solved the problem. Thanks