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    Trouble watching my slingbox in Japan


      I don't know why it is, but everytime I am in Japan I cannot watch my slingbox back home in the USA. I have tried using Firefox and Slingplayer, with and without VPN. I don't have this problem anywhere else in the world. Any ideas?

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          katie.sling Apprentice

          Hi mpflyboy1,


          Thank you for using our forms. Sorry to hear you are having problems viewing the Slingbox in Japan. The issue you are having could be caused by a few issues. It could be your particular device or the speed at your location. It could also be that they are blocking your connection to the Slingbox. Some countries will block the signal coming from the Slingbox. To determine the issue, I would recommend that you test your Slingbox at a different location in Japan or have a friend try to log in to your Slingbox from their location or device.



          Hope this helps,


          The Sling Moderation Team

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            cody.sling Novice

            Hey mpflyboy1,


            Thank you for posting to the Forums. I certainly understand how frustrating this can be.


            I do have a few questions.


            1. What is the network speeds at both the Slingbox location and the location in Japan?

            2. What errors are you receiving when trying to watch the Slingbox?

            3. Have you tried different computers or mobile applications?

            4. What operating system are you running on the computer?

            5. What version of SlingPlayer do you have and what mobile platform is it on?


            Awaiting your response.



            Answers Forum Moderation Team

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                tcaradonna Novice

                Going the other way from Japan to US I generally have no problems.  Occasionally the transpacific link is congested so regardless of your local up and down speeds your traffic will be going thru that same pipe.  It would be helpful to have the answers to he questions that sling media has proposed.  Also where in the US are you?  I've been in Chicago and Los Angeles with better performance on the west coast.  I'm not sure about east coast performance, but perhaps it takes a different route.