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    Sling Player for iPad unable to connect using 2nd Home Router


      I have a Sling Box 350 which is hard wired to an Asus RT-AC68u router (my main router). I also have an Asus EA-N66 set up downstairs in repeater mode. Everything works fine. I can connect to my Sling Box 350 from my iPad, my Android phone and all my computers. I have an old Asus RT-N66u router that I have set up and hard wired it to my main router (I am trying to eliminate the need for the repeater with the higher powered Asus RT-N66u router). So now when I try and connect to my Sling Box 350 through the 2nd Asus router (Rt-N66u), the Sling Player app just sits there and says trying to connect. However, when I go back and try connecting through the repeater or the main router (RT-AC68u), I can do so without any issues.


      Now here comes the crazy part: If I try and connect using my Android phone through the second router, it works fine. It is only when I try and connect through the 2nd router using my iPad that it never connects. Am I missing something or could there be a bug in the Sling Player iPad app? Any suggestions? Thanks.

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          Hello edddieboy,


          Thank you for posting to the Forums. I can certainly understand how frustrating this can be. When connecting the Slingbox to a router that is connected to another router, you may have to port forward the Slingbox to work with both routers. Most of the time when you switch the router that the Slingbox is connected to, you have to factory reset the Slingbox. However, with being able to connect to the Slingbox on the Android platform, I believe that your issues is that the Slingbox needs to be port forwarded with the new router and then with the original router.


          Below I have provided a link to a website that will be able to assist you with port forwarding the Slingbox.



          If you have gone through the portforwarding, then please reply with any issues or concerns.







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