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    Pro-HD and Slingcatcher freezes after latest .420 update


      Hi there


      I am having a lot of problems with my 2 Pro-HD's and my 4 Slingcatcher's. It seems like that after the latest update the picture freezes and in many cases, you need to restart the Pro-HD to unfreeze. This only happens when viewing from WAN. Locally on LAN it never happens. However it never happens when viewing from other devices on the WAN. iOS, Android etc.

      Is there any way I can go back to .370 firmware. Have tried the tricks mentioned about editing the bin to the current version number, but it still auto updates.


      I see 2 solutions. Please do not force firmware updates to our devices that we have paid for. That way maybe we can avoid situations like this.

      Solution 2. Please fix the current firmware. I can see by googling around, that I am not the only one with this problem. I know Slingcatcher is not sold anymore or supported anymore. But I think we are still a few people who loves this little box, and would love if it would work with the old Slingboxes that we purchased it for.




      /Marc Scott

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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          I no longer have this particular combination of devices but I echo your suggestion to not force firmware upgrades onto your products, or indeed webplayer plugin upgrades.


          If people have the kit working well then we may not want to upgrade due to the risk of something getting broken.

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            Hi Marc,

            Were you able to fix the problem? I'm experiencing the same syndrome : Singbox ProHD (2.1.420) + Slingcatcher freezes after a while and only a hard restart will fix.

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                bobg8zwf Newbie

                Hmmm, disconcerting.

                I haven't used my pro-hd for about 2 weeks. I tried just now with slingcatcher (after reading these posts). Sure enough, it locked up after about 60 seconds and now reports that it cannot be connected either by slingcatcher or slingplayer. Slingplayer info reports that it is not on line.

                Fortunately, pro-hd is powered via a timer and will re-boot later today. I will try again then. BUT, it is running .420 firmware and has worked without problem since July, with 3 slingcatchers and with various incarnations of slingplayer. Sure occasionally I had picture freeze for a few seconds, but this is the first time it has locked up and failed totally.

                This leads me to think that sling have been up to something in the last few days. We will see.