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    How do I get away from having to use a laptop


      I getting ready to move back to the US but will continue to use my Slingbox player located in my sister's house in Boston. With my current setup I have a laptop receiving slingbox > connected to my 55" Samsung TV via HDMI... and the picture looks good. But the noise from the laptop and the extra connection is something I've grown tired over.

      It's a very good laptop (i7 processor) but having to keep it so close to the TV is an eyesore. In addition, the energy/heat produced from having to constantly push video keeps the fan churning on high. I bought a laptop fan to help with the heat but it too makes noise and furthers the eyesore next to the TV.


      I've read other posts and it appears the only other method for me to watch slinbox on a large display is to use the Roku streaming device. I've never tried it but would appreciatre any comments on how it effects picture quality. I currently pull HD but have a hard time imagining that picture quality doesn't suffer going through my small android phone.


      What is the absolute best method/setup for me to view slinbox at my large (new) 65" Samsung Smart TV? Looking for optimal picture quality with minimal wiring.


      Many thanks up front...

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          callanish Apprentice

          I just replied to this question recently, but if you've got a pro-hd and you can still find a slingcatcher on eBay, that would be your best option. Second best, I'd go with the wdtv live or for half the price, the wdtv play (harder to change channels on the play due to the limited remote ). The roku requires a mobile device to get the slingplayer working. That's too complicated. I've used all of the above, but since I also have a slingbox 350 that doesn't work with the slingcatcher, the best option for me to connect to my big screen tv was to install the very small but powerful intel nuc running windows 7 and connected with a wireless USB keyboard which runs the web player brilliantly, but that can be costly, so finding a bargain slingcatcher or wdtv live box would be my suggestion.

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              Many thanks Callanish...


              I'm coming from overseas (10yrs) where - let's say... things are a little behind. Many of the things you mentioned flew right thru my ears... nothing that google can't help with.


              Appreciate the shared experience and comments. Wish me well as I try to make the most out of my sister Cable TV offering. I've got the gear in her house right now and last time I tried to change anything on her... I almost ended up flying over there to configure on my own (she's allergic to technology).


              I'd buy you a German beer if I could... but a thanks will have to do.



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                  jbondsr1 Newbie

                  I agree with the assessment above.


                  After all these years, the solution to getting sling to play decently on a big screen is still to use a Slingcatcher or a PC with the legacy desktop software.

                  It seems that they are focusing more on mobile playback vs. the home-away-from-home setup.


                  It would be nice if another version of the Slingcatcher was made, or even if they made the app available on devices like the Xbox or Playstation (as we've been teased with the possibility of getting so many times), but it looks like that ship is sailing. (Not sure if it's because of the technical difficulty, or legal issues, or if they've just decided to shift their focus.)


                  Chromecast and Roku are decent solutions, but they still depend on having a mobile device with the app.


                  Currently I have a small, fanless HTPC conencted to my TV away from home, with a media center IR receiver with remote for controlling the Slingplayer app from the couch.