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      Will the 350 work with a slingcatcher? If not, what's the best option for watching on a television in another state?


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          callanish Apprentice

          No, it won't work....which is a shame as it still remains the best connected device ever offered by slingmedia. If money is no object, and stability and user friendliness is a priority, I'd stick to something that uses the sling webplayer which can be anything from a laptop to an intel NUC using a USB wireless keyboard. Reason i recommend that is that the other connected devices from the google tv boxes to the wdtv live box as well as the roku box all have limitations that require compromises. The remote control delay on the connected devices are still unacceptable and probably won't ever be fixed. The roku box requires the iphone or ipod touch ( no ipad yet ) to interface with, and in my experience, with streaming at long distances, the connected devices don't achieve the same streaming speeds as the webplayer. Your user experience might be different as two of my slingbox's are half way around the world.


          If cost matters, i'd probably suggest the wdtv live or wdtv play ( the cheaper version ). The google tv boxes are pretty much orphans now, they're buggy and might not be supported for much longer and like I said above, the roku box requires an iphone or ipod touch and that can be a hit and a miss. I've had experience with all of the connected devices, so If you don't have your expectations too high, in my opinion, the wdtv live would be your best option as it does work pretty well when it does stream, albeit with a few compromises like a remote control time delay and streaming speeds that aren't as good as the webplayer.