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    Using builtin digital and analog tuner


      Hello Folks!


      I face a problem regarding the builtin tuner in Slingbox Pro HD.


      I am situated in Sweden.


      All the analog video and audio input ports is working as expected.

      I can watch all free to air digital channels using the builtin tuner using TV antenna.

      But no analog (PAL) channels can be watched with the builtin tuner.


      I successfully scannned for analog channels, it came up some numbers of channels, but slingbox say no video no matter what I do.


      How do I make this work ??

        • Re: Using builtin digital and analog tuner

          Hello again!


          I now managed to get analog channels working.


          BUT, there is another problem.


          I I decide to watch analog channels from antenna or cable, I have to scan to get them in, that is fine.

          But the all digital channels are lost..... I can not get them, no video comes.


          If I decide to watch on digital channels, I need to scan for digital channels again, then all analog channels is lost... I can not get then, no video comes.


          In my region we have a mixture of digital and analog channels.


          How is it supposed to work, I can not beleive that you need to do a new channel scan every time you wan to watch an analog channel if you were watching digital channels.


          How is it supposed to work actually ?