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    5 Roku Players Which one?




      I've installed Sling 350 and have it working on my tablets no issue (other than charging 2x for iphone/ipad), so I just use the iphone app because I want to really control TV from my Roku devices, for which I have 5.  I cannot get my Roku HD to work at all (ironically the only TV w/ just a Roku) My Roku 3 work fine (4 of them), but the issue I face when I bring the app up on my iphone (other than disconnects) it that when I go to fling, a list of all of my 5 Roku's come up, with absolutely NO way of telling which Roku I want to fling to.  They come up Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 3, Roku 4, Roku 5, and iPhone.  In addition when I launch the Roku app, it doens't tell me on the TV which Roku I am trying to fling to.


      Please tell me that there is a way to tell which Roku you want to fling to outside of guessing every time I launch the app.