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    How do I get a remote that works with my Uverse Motorola VIP2250?


      I have tried everything. I downloaded Slingplayer for Windows 8 to add the VIP 2000 and 2250 custom remote but it would not let me continue through the setup wizard because Slingplayer is not supported for Slingbox 350.  Please note that in order to download those custom remotes you must be able to finish the setup wizard through Slingplayer, so I was out of luck with that advice.


      I then went through and tested a ton of remotes for Motorola and Comcast, tried all of the Motorola codes and nothing worked.  I am extremely frustrated and don't understand how Slingbox has not found a solution to this yet.  I have seen posts with the same problem regarding this same model two years old!


      Does anyone have a BIN I can enter on the slingbox.com website as it seems like that is my last resort before I return it.  Thanks!