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    Entering channels quickly using WD TV Play


      Using a SlingBox 350 and WD TV Play to watch. Most things are working pretty well, but the WD Play remote does not have numeric buttons on it. So in order to change channels I must use the slingplayer app's on-screen channel thing (select each number one at a time, select enter, etc.) This is pretty clunky. So, two questions:


      1) is there a better way?

      2) The WD TV Live remote has numeric buttons on it. If I just press those, does that work for changing the channel in slingplayer?



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          stanley.sling Apprentice

          Hello hotdogwater,


               If you check out the link below; in the section "What remote control shortcuts does my WD TV remote have?", it looks like you should be able to use the numeric keys on the WDTV remote to change the channel in SlingPlayer:



          As this seems to be the most convenient way to change the channel, I would say it's probably the "best" way to change the channel.



          Hope this helps!




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            If you have a smart phone, here is the best way I have found to select channels on the Slingbox.


            Use the normal 'slingplayer' app on your smartphone, and choose "Guide" at startup instead of 'Connect'.


            Use this to choose your channel. It's very quick to scroll and choose the channel.


            Then when you select a channel to watch, it will ask if it should take over the connection of the other player, select "NO".

            It works perfectly, the TV changes channels as you want, without the SLOW and cumbersome WD TV box interface.

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                In case anyone else had this same question, this turns out to be what I went with. The interface for the android slingplayer app is 100x better than that of the one in the WD TV Play. It has a very usable guide that shows the channel lineup with show descriptions and all, and you can set up favorites and stuff. You just touch the channel you want, instead of having to use that clunky interface to enter channel digits one at a time.


                As ImRich mentioned, every time you select a channel it does ask you if you want to take control of the connection and you have to say no. It's a slight annoyance, but overall I'd say it's worth it.



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                stanley.sling - I actually have the "WD Play" and not the "WD Live". The WD LIve remote does have numeric buttons on it, unfortunately mine does not. So I was hoping to find out if there was some shortcut/trick to using the otherwise very clunky on-screen entry of channel numbers in the slingplayer app interface. Furthermore apparently even with the numeric buttons, they don't seem to work as evidenced by slingfromJapan's question?


                ACC6140892 - that is interesting, I was unaware of this app. The reviews don't seem that great tho? Also I am curious how well it works when it comes to navigating individual apps in the WD box and not just the WD's controls itself. I.e., is it just an app that acts like the WD physical remote?


                ImRich - this sounds like it could work. But I'd have to pay the $15 or so to purchase the slingplayer app I presume? Not that it's a ton of money but it's kind of sad to have to fork over more cash after purchasing the WD just to work around the slingplayer's goofy interface. Also, wish there was a free trial, hate to end up paying for it and still not liking it.


                Thanks for all the replies!