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    SlingPlayer Channel on Roku 2 XS crashes, refuses to stream from iPhone or Android


      The Slingplayer channel on my Roku 2 XS is malfunctioning and will not allow me to stream to it via Android or iPhone.


      I have the following equipment:


      Slingbox Pro HD

      Roku 2 XS

      iPhone 4s

      LG Optimus F3 (Android 4.1)


      I have the latest Slingplayer apps installed on all devices. I spent nearly an hour chatting on the phone with a SlingMedia support rep last night trying to solve the problem I'm having, with no success whatsoever.


      What we've tried so far:


      - Rebooting all devices

      - Uninstalling and reinstalling Slingplayer app/channel on all devices

      - Removing all connections from cable box to the TV

      - Enabling upnp and placing the Slingbox Pro HD in the DMZ via router settings.

      - Factory resetting the Roku 2 XS

      - Moving Roku 2 XS and smart phones to a different location and connecting via a different network than the one used by the Slingbox

      - Rebooting cable box and Slingbox

      - Bypassing router and connecting Slingbox directly to cable modem


      Nothing I have tried has seemed to fix the problem. To be more specific, this is what happens when trying to connect the Roku Slingplayer to either my iPhone or Android Slingplayer:


      Launch Slingplayer channel on Roku. Launch Slingplayer app on smartphone. Manually enter Roku 2 XS IP address via smartphone Slingplayer settings. Roku player detected. Connect smartphone Slingplayer to Slingbox. Connects no problem. After connecting, press 'stream via connected device' button on smartphone Slingplayer. Menu pops up with 2 choices: 'device' or 'Roku 1' with a triangle containing an exclamation point next to it. Select the latter. On Roku, channel flashes to blank screen, then channel description screen, then reloads back to main info screen. On smartphone, notification displays that Slingplayer channel needs to be downloaded on Roku. Roku no longer recognized by app.


      Wash, rinse, repeat - same results.


      This is the only device I'm having issues with. No issues streaming via Slingplayer on any other device, including smart phones, PC, Netgear NeoTV or older Roku HD player. It seems this issue is isolated to my Roku 2 XS.

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          cody.sling Novice

          Hi memw85,


          Its unfortunate that the troubleshooting with the agent was not successful. I certainly understand how frustrating this can be.


          From reading over your post and seeing that the only device that your having issues with is the Roku. I noticed that you have the Roku 2 XS, but you didn't state the exact model of the Roku.


          Can you provide the exact model of the Roku?


          With the Roku showing an exclamation point when trying to connect, after inputting the IP address, I believe that the SlingPlayer application isn't accepting the IP address and thus not truely accepting the Roku device to stream to.


          When your attempting to connect the SlingPlayer to the Roku, is the mobile phone on the same network as the Roku, or is it over the cellular network?

          How strong is the network signal that the phone and Roku are connected to?



          Awaiting your response,




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            Any resolution to this issue you have?  I'm having the same problem with my Slingbox 350


            I have tried Roku 2XS (3) and Roku3 (1) boxes

            I have tried Android phones and tablet

            I have tried both Roku and Slingbox connected to the same router switch, as well as 2 different WIFI networks.

            The only component I haven't switched out yet is the Slingbox 350.  I've tried hard-resetting the Slingbox but that didn't help.  HW version 1.10 and FW version 1.5.85

            UPNP is enabled on the router and the Slingbox is registering port 5201 for port forwarding through the firewall.


            Most of the time the Roku boxes are detected by the Android app. but the triangle with the exclamation point is ALWAYS shown next to each Roku box.  When I push connect either nothing happens on the Roku or you might see the Roku screen flash or you might see a message on the android that the Slingbox app is now being installed on the Roku (even though it already was installed), but a picture never appears and nothing shows up on the android device telling me that the streaming is not working.  Maybe a mismatch and compatibility issue between the versions of SlingApp on the Roku and Android devices?


            In short, the Roku boxes are being detected but the streaming does not go through.  The triangle with exclamation point must be an indicator that something is not quite right, but what exactly does the triangle mean?

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              Golfbal1 Newbie

              Only took a year to get an answer. Amazing!


              Really, a sling support person couldn't have helped answer in the community...