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    cancelling on-screen menu


      I have a Sony Google TV NSZ-GS8.  My remote control for this device crashed (and I find no replacements online).


      No worries, I use the Sony TV Sideview app on my android smartphone to control the device.  I can do everything I want with the smart phone app to control SlingPlayer, except cancel SlingPlayer's on-screen menu.


      On the keyboard tab on the smartphone app, I try to send a space, with no effect.  Anyone have any suggestions?


      I know it's not really a SlingBox issue, except that it might be nice to add a "cancel this menu" somewhere in the menu.

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          Well, heck, after messing with it for hours before posting, I just found a solution:  on the "mouse" tab of the Sideview App, one simply needs to tap the pointer outside of the SlingPlayer on-screen menu and it disappears.  Tap the pointer again to recall the menu.