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    Trouble Displaying From Virtual Machines


      We need to use a virtual machine running 64-bit Windows 7 Professional with 3 GB RAM in the Xendesktop 5 sp1 with VMware ESXi 4.1 environment.  However, no matter what browser we choose, Sling Player will just spin and never display anything nor produce any audio.  The only exceptions are if it can't connect to a slingbox or if someone is logged into it already.  In those cases, it either says that it has had trouble connecting, or that someone is logged into it already.  Otherwise, it will just sit there and sping until you try to stop and it crashes plugin.  Now on the same network, a desktop or a laptop running Windows 7 has absolutely no trouble connecting and displaying/playing the channels.  And you can verify that you can't connect to the same boxes that the sling player running on the virtual machine can't connect to and that the same goes for boxes that already have someone logged into them.  So it is clear that SP is communication with the SB's, it just isn't playing.  We've tried IE, Chrome, and Firefox with the same results.  It should be mentioned that on very rare occasions, audio and video will play.  But if you disconnect and try to go back to the same SB, it will just sit and spin.  We should also mention that it isn't the Anti-Virus software either, as we have created new virtual machines without adding AV, and it has had no impact.  Any thoughts on how we can get this to work?