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    Android app plays fine,  but guide no longer able to reach server


      I have used SlingPlayer for years. The player works fine on my PC's both inside and away from my home.  However,  a few months ago the guide stopped working on my Android phone app. 


      When I attempt to pull up the guide, an error dialog box says "unable to reach the server".   However,  it actually plays TV just fine,  and the onscreen remote control works fine.  It's only unable to reach the server for the purpose of accessing the guide.  Same problem whether away on 4G or at home on wifi.


      Why can I no longer connect to the server for the guide from within the SlingPlayer Android app?


      Note: This is a Slingbox Classic.  The server clearly knows that I am using the legacy box,  as it provides a warning that it's not supported.  I suspect that Sling may have disabled the guide to further convince legacy Classic owners to upgrade.  Spending for a new Slingbox was not an issue for me. I did actually purchase a 350 last year but returned it because it did not support the standalone Windows or Mac SlingPlayer apps. The webapp that the newer Slingboxes use kills my laptop battery in less than 40 minutes,  making the new Slingboxes pretty useless for me. I can play several hours with the original SlingPlayer app.  Release a new PC resident app and I will happily upgrade to a new box.