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    Using Sling 350 from another countries


      I am using my new SlingBox 350 from Isreal. When starting the setup I was asked about my location, indicated "Israel" and got the little flag and IL tag at the top right of my site.

      But when I go further to define the programs, I am asked to select a country (and ziop code or an operator) and there is no Israel in this list.

      What should I do?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Just select USA and a valid ZIP code (I use 90210, Beverly Hills) and a random TV provider.  The purpose of the question is ONLY to make sure you get the correct Program Guide and as this option is not supported outside of the USA it is useless anyway.


          Why Sling don't just provide a 3rd option of 'Other' that bypasses those questions is a complete mystery.    I assume they have buroed their head in the sand and assumed you cannot get the 350/500 outside of USA/Canada.