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    Slingbox 500 connection problem


      I am currently deployed to Japan and I have my slingbox setup at my house in the states. For the first two weeks I connected to my slingbox from slingbox.com and via sling player on my iPad. I woke up yesterday morning and all of a sudden, I could not connect to my slingbox and I kept receiving error code: W200. I called home to verify that everything was still connected and that the internet and the cable was still functioning and it was. I had my family go to the room where we have the slingbox connected to see what happens when I try to connect. When I press connect on the slingbox.com to connect to the slingbox, they verify that the slingbox lights start to travel around the "upside down U" and it says connecting to slingbox on the screen at my house. But after about 10 seconds of trying to connect, I get the message on my screen in Japan "there's a problem with your slingbox. Make sure that the network and power lights are on, your router is set up correctly, and there are no firewalls blocking acces." Code:W200.... They have verified that the slingbox is receiving power and the router and slingbox both have been powered off and then back on. I don't know what would cause it to stop working all of a sudden when nothing has changed on either end of the spectrum.