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    Slingbox 350 to Roku bit rate


      The bit rate from the 350 to my roku appears to be limited to 3096kbs.  I get this rate regardless of setting, Auto or HQ.


      The bitrate directly to my phone or my computer can go much higher.


      Why is the connection speed to the Roku seemingly limited when my network can support higher rates?


      Also, the Roku connection seems to be lost every 5 minutes or so.  Do other users also experience these frequent disconnects?

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          Jason.G.Sling Newbie

          Hello garyh62,


               If you are able to stay connected with other devices, just not the Roku. I would contact them at Customer Support: 888-600-7658. We don't have any information on the Roku as far as a data cap on the device. If you are having issue with other devices using Slingplayer please post information you find to this post so we can better assist you.




          Sling Media Technical Support