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    Audio sync


      This has been an issue since the 350's release but has been worse for about 8 months now and wasn't fixed in the 032 firmware either.


      The audio sync will progressively fade out of step with the video as remote commands are issued.


      Upon initial connection, all is fine. If you leave it connected with ZERO remote commands sent, it will be fine.


      If you send remote commands, the more you send, the further out of sync the audio will be with the video.


      It doesn't matter if you send 10 remote commands in 10 seconds or send 10 remote commands every 6 minutes for an hour, after 10 remote commands the audio will be out of sync. (ten is an example number, it could be any number)


      It is apparent on four of my 350s all of which are on different service  providers and in different parts of the world on different ISPs.


      Reconnecting immediately fixes this issues, which proves it is a remote command request issue.


      How this problem has persisted for so long (since the 350 was released in fact) I have no idea, and it's disgusting that Sling Media have not fixed it. It was addressed in another thread.