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    Humax Foxsat HDR to Slingbox 350


      How do I set up the cable from the Humax FoxsatHDR to the Slingbox 350 as there are no composite video (Red, blue, green connections) the 3 feeds to the TV are HDMI, scart or white, red and yellow audio/ video composite.



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          alanrichey42 Master

          You are confused.   The Red (Orange?), Blue, Green wires are COMPONENT Video, not composite.   The Yellow one is Composite Video.   So just use the Yellow/Red/White leads.


          Unless that was a typing error and what you actually meant to ask was "How do I connect the DVR to the Slingbox to get an HD signal" ?


          The answer to that is you can't without buying an HDMI-Component converter (HD Fury III is the recommended one).  Then you plug the HDMI output from the DVR to the HD Fury, then component cables to the 350 then component cables to the TV.