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    Connecting directly to Slingbox


      Hi there,


      Are there any plans to allow one to connect to the slingbox 350/500 directly without having to go through the website? what was the reason for this in the first place. This is really a problem when upload speeds are not that high and when the client side is in another country. I have played with all the settings and you cannot actually get anything sorted. Not everyone has a 100mbps fibre connection to the internet. I travel a lot which means that i use cellular and wifi quite a lot. Having the slingbox send all streaming first to HQ and then retransmit it, does not make sense unless the developers are using the streams for something else or worse, watching what we are streaming.


      It would be really good to have the option of not having to send data all the way to the states and then have to stream from there again. Firstly it will remove the lag and constant breakup of picture and secondly, financially it also does not make sense as we are not paying anything else other than the purchase price, so unless the developers are using our streams it does not make sense how Slingbox will continue indefinately. Even in the US you have to pay for internet access at some point.


      Hopefully at some point someone at the developing devision will make a good idea work even better.



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          OvCollyer Apprentice

          That's not how it works.


          You only log into the Sling servers to retrieve your account information, the actual streaming of the video is direct between your Slingbox and your viewing location provided you've setup your Slingbox correctly for remote viewing.

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              ferguspa Apprentice

              If the Slingbox is not properly set up and the SlingPlayer client is one of a select few set of clients* (I'm only reasonably sure that the Windows "Watch on Slingbox.com" plugin and maybe the legacy SlingPlayer for Windows) it is possible to relay the stream through another entity (apparently Amazon EC2, references here, here, and here).


              Normally this would kick in only if the Slingbox is inaccessible via a "regular" port forward.  If the Slingbox is using a relayed connection, examine the port forwarding at the Slingbox's end (e.g. the sending end) and then the firewall/network at the SlingPlayer's end (e.g. the receiving end).


              *This is the reason there are situations where "x" SlingPlayer client can access a Slingbox but "y" SlingPlayer client attached to the same network cannot access the same Slingbox.  For me, my Slingbox AV and Slingbox 350 are inaccesible at one site from a Mac (via SlingPlayer for Mac for the AV and Watch on Slingbox.com for the 350) and SlingPlayer for iPhone, but are accessible from Windows 7 through Watch on Slingbox.com.