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    SlingPlayer Mobile Audio Compression on iPad, iPhone, Windows 8.1 and Android Apps.




      I've been a long time user of Slingboxes and primarily use my Slingbox Pro-HD unit via my web browser, audio and video is excellent.

      On my local network it streams about 8mbps or so with great audio and video. However the oddest thing happens with the mobile devices. Even on wifi where my speed tests work to via Internet servers show 30mbps over 802.11n.


      Now here is my problem. On any of these mobile devices, while using WiFi on the same network, the audio is VERY compressed sounding. Something like 32kbps stereo. But on my mobile device if I choose low quality or audio only the audio is much better sounding. So my question is when I choose High quality why does the audio get worse? Diagnostics on the mobile apps show everything is fine and works. The bandwidth is there on the local network. So why does the audio go down the tubes only on the mobile devices under high quality settings? It's almost like the audio qualities are backwards from what they should be. Low quality setting has low quality video but high qaulity audio. The high quality setting has high quality video but low quality audio.


      I've paid for the SlingPlayer app on all these devices and it's very dissappointing the best audio and video experience is via the PC through the web browser or the legacy 2.0 app for Windows. Thoughts?