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    No video outputs from Slingbox350




      My Slingbox350 suddenly stopped sending out composite video signals.

      I tried reset.  Power off --> on.


      I unhooked HDMI cable attached to the HDD recorder which is connected to Slingbox via composite cable.

      And reset again, of course.


      I connected pure analog Laserdisc player to make sure Slingbox accepts composite video signals alone.


      Everything failed.

      If I feed any of the coposite video signals above to TV, video comes out fine.

      Even the passthrough signals coming out of Slingbox works fine.


      I guess this rules out the HDCP problems, or whatever problems other than Slingbox itself.


      Is there anything I can do to fix the problem?

      I think I should request for a repair.


      Ryo, posting from Japan.