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    ***UPDATE TO 4/11/2014 POST*** Re: Choppy Video (Unwatchable!)


      April's Android SlingPlayer Update (Version 2.9.2) did not fix streaming issues over LTE connections with devices running KIT KAT 4.4.2.


      Sling Tech Support told me this was the only way to get this bug fixed, yet I have heard nothing from Sling Media support in this forum.  This is not a Sprint or HTC or even a Goggle isuue. This is a Sling Media issue!  All other video streaming apps are working fine on my HTC One Max except SlingPlayer.  Per HTC tech support, it is up to the maker of the app to update their apps to be compatible with new Android software updates. SlingPlayer worked fine before 4.4.2 update.

      It has been a month now since I've been able to use SlingPlayer on my phone, Sling Media, please offer an update to this problem, or at least let me know it is being addressed and when it might be fixed.

      I would think this would be a priority, not being able to use SlingPlayer on Mobile Devices using a cellular connection.

      Anxiously awaiting your response, Thank You

      Apr 11, 2014 7:57 AM

      Can't Stream Over LTE Connection In High Quality Mode After Kit Kat 4.4.2 OTA.



      Sprint HTC One Max worked fine in high quality video mode on andriod 4.3.2

      Did OTA update and now have to use 3g and/or low video quality setting to avoid choppy/non-smooth video. Even with LTE speeds of 30Mb and higher.

      HTC One Max works fine in high quality video mode when using home wi-fi and even using lte via my Sprint Netgear Zing Hotspot (phone on wi-fi to use hotspot).  I suspected Google's new ART runtime was the culprit vs. using Dalvik runtime, but upon entering developers mode on HTC One Max, there is no runtime options to choose. (Build 2.09.651.1)


      Tested other live video apps like At Bat '14 (MLB.com) and Twitch.  Both worked fine, got smooth HD video. Slingplayer is the only app that I'm aware of with this problem. I also reinstalled sling player app many times, cleared partition cache in recovery mode and factory reset the phone twice.  Also toogle in and out of safe mode but all to no avail..

      Spoke with Sprint, they said HTC's update caused the problem. HTC said they don't support 3rd party apps and it's Sling Media's responsibilty to make their app compatible with the new Kit Kat 4.4.2 update.  Spoke with Sling Media's tech support at lenght, with this forum post as the only remedy.

      So now I'm stuck in the middle paying for lte I can't use.


      Sling engineers and community input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks