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    Can a human at Slingwhatever restore my Slingbox SOLO to the online database?


      I was content with my SOLO in one room, Ethernet cable (RJ45) connected to a sling wireless device communicating with a similar device in another room where my FIOS router is located. That device is Ethernet cable (RJ45) connected to the FIOS router.


      After furniture swap the Slingbox network light failed to remain lighted. I mistakenly chose to retrace and reinstall all the cable interfaces and erred by deleting my SOLO Finders ID#. Now Sling software doesn't see my device and I don't have a copy of the information from when it was working. I find it hard to believe that the information that was resident on the database can't be retrieved and/or restored. I recognize that my hardware isn't the latest vintage but it satisfied my need. I don't want to have to pay for assistance since it was working and didn't show any signs of trouble. All contributions would be greatly appreciated.


      The cables and physical interfaces have been checked multiple times on a variety of other systems which functioned flawlessly. Power is no problem. I have restored SOLO unit to factory setting multiple times. Same network SSID confirmed. I have restarted FIOS router and sling boxes multiple times in multiple sequences with long wait intervals. The three lights on each of the sling media wireless units have been flashing so , I assume that they are communicating as they always have previously. The SOLO network light fails to stay on.


      Message was edited by: jplando.   Error was mine. Apparently the sling media boxes were not wireless but the power line variety and they were not returned to the same electrical circuit after the furniture swap. However, my actual question was about retrieving the Finders ID information that had been posted. I assumed that it was stored somewhere and could be made available when people like me accidentally remove it.