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    Connecting a Slingbox to a 1TB Sky Box


      I have read various article on Slingbox and I think that it would be perfect for me when I visit the US. However, I note that it needs to be connected b an HDMI cable and component to get the full range of programmes. How can this be achieved with a 1TB box which does not have a component connection?

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          callanish Apprentice

          You don't need to rely on HDMI or Component to get the full range of programmes from your Sky Box. What connecting with HDMI or Component will do is give you a better quality picture, but if your Sky Box has a SCART port, you should be able to use that with the Slingbox and receive all the channels you subscribe to. Basically it's using the SCART OUT on the Sky Box to Composite IN on the slingbox. The picture won't be as good as component, but if you are streaming remotely to the U.S, then composite / scart will provide a good enough picture for you while travelling. Two things. 1) Make sure you've got a good stable upload stream from your internet connection as that will be crucial for remote streaming and  2) make sure that port forwarding ( remote streaming ) has been done correctly on the initial slingbox setup and is working on an outside connection. You might want to test the slingbox at another location outside of your home to make sure it's been setup correctly, so that when you go to the U.S, you don't encounter any problems.