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    Unable to get Pro HD tuner working with non-encrypted cable + network issues


      I just got a Slingbox Pro HD and am having issues getting it to work.  My cable provider does not require a seperate box to view the extended basic channels (1-78 or so).  I have an old CRT TV plugged in directly to the coax cable and it can view all the channels.  I have the same coax cable run plugged into the Coax IN on the slingbox. 


      When I go through the Slingbox setup it is unable recieve any channels.  Sometimes it will be able to view channel 3, but without audio.  I do a quick scan and a full scan but it comes back with 0 channels found. 


      After doing this a few times the Slingbox suddenly dropped its network connection and I wasn't able to get it to reconnect to the network.  I did a factory restore and it still wasn't able to connect.  After that didn't work I went into the router and gave it a static IP assigned to the Slingbox's MAC address.  Did a couple resets on the Slingbox and still didn't have any luck. 


      So frustrating!  Any ideas??