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    No Picture


      I have no picture and no error message pointing me in any direction to resolve the issue. I'm computer illiterate so please dumb your answer/s down and be patient with me when I ask how I find out if I'm running on a desktop or...

      Thank you Amy

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          kevin.sling Apprentice

          Hello imawinna,


          Sorry you are experiencing this issue today.  If I understand you correctly, you are not receiving any video or audio when watching "WATCH" on a computer.


          There could be a couple of reasons why there is no video and audio:


          1. Is the cable box on.  If you bring up the on screen remote, go ahead a press the power button to see if that turns your cable box on.
          2. Is there HDMI cables connected to the cable box.  If so, please check out the following article:



            • If you find that this is the case, then please check out this article for the fix to get your video back:


          If after you just run the component cables that is mentioned in the second article, if there is still no video and audio, power cycle your cable box by unplugging it from a wall outlet, wait ten seconds, then plug it back in.  This will make sure that the component outputs on your cable box are turned on.  Wait until your cable box is fully rebooted and then refresh your computer screen.  You should have video back.


          Please let me know if this works for you.


          Hope this helps!! 



          Sling Media Moderation Team