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    Remote functionality for PRO-HD




      we tried to find a solution to control the Handan 4000 DVB-T set-top-box channels with my SlingBox PRO-HD. Somehow we didn't manage to get it working. We tried even some of your custom created BIN files.


      It is sometimes little boring to watch just one channel..


      So, I though - to find another solution to the problem, would be to find another DVB-T set-top-box.


      On your pages I found a method to test weather one certain set-top-box will work on one certain set-top-box.


      For my case, it would be very helpful, if there were a list of supported DVB-T set-top-boxes for a region or country (for ex. Europe). That would spere me a lot of time. Is there a list this type available?


      Another soulution would be to do a custom created remote control. On the page "How to create Custom Remote Controls" you list some learning remotes. I was not able to find any of these learning remotes here in Europe. Is there a updated list for Europe?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          A bit of confusion here over your use of the word 'your', so I am not sure who you are aiming this post at.


          Just to be clear, Sling have nothing to do with Custom Remotes, that is all left to users like me.  On the other hand the supported boxes page you refer to does belong to Sling.  They won't answer your question so I will do it on their behalf.  There are thousands of STBs available so to list them would be impractical.  The only logical way to do it is via drop down menus.  I agree with you that it's a bit Catch 22, in that you need to know the model before you can check, but I think that's inevitable.


          As to you comment on the 'How to Create Custom Remotes', both Sling and I have pages like that so I don't know which one you are referring to ?