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    Slingplayer gone from NSZ-GS8 GTV?


      Since using it this morning my SlingPlayer app has disappeared on my NSZ-GS8 GTV.  I also no longer have the Spotlight app.  Is Sling not supporting NSZ-GS8 GTV anymore?

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          Spot light is not a slingg app but is needed to get to the slingg app. if this feature has been removed id suggest contacting your provider to get spot light back witch would bring sling player back

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              callanish Apprentice

              Sorry, but that doesn't make sense. First of all, spotlight isn't needed to make the slingplayer on GoogleTV work at all. The app in spotlight is nothing more than a sling weblink using chrome. The slingplayer app wasn't included with international versions of the GS7 and GS8, but you could still get them to work as a slingplayer if you bookmarked the sling web link in Chrome.


              As for berkwein's problem. I just checked my own GS7 and the slingplayer app is still on there, so if for some reason you are in the U.S, but still not seeing the slingplayer app due to possibly something getting screwed up putting the international firmware on your GS8, try




              from within Chrome and sign into your slingbox from the web link.


              Or reset your Google TV box back to default to try to get the slingplayer spotlight app back. At least try the sling web link first to see if you can get access to your slingbox

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                  I have the US version and I'm not sure where Spotlight went, but I was only going there for slingplayer.  Last night, I created a bookmark to the gtv URL  that was suggested.  And it works!  What's really weird is it worked better than the *app* ever did.  Much better throughput and less freezing. I had to downgrade my quality to Basic using the app.  Last night, I was at the Better level with no pausing.  Not sure why there would be a difference in the quality if its the same link.  Unless Sony handles the feed from its apps differently than it does the Chrome Browser.   In any case, I'm all set.  Thanks for the comments and advice!