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    Slingbox Pro HD Frozen - Help?


      The power light and "horseshoe" light are on solid - no network light.   I have tried all the suggestions, but no help.    The box will not even reset.   Several posts reported similar issues in 2012 that may have been related to the power supply which Sling replaced for several customers, even out of warranty.  Does anyone have any suggestions.   Thanks.

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            Slingbox PRO HD bought on february, 2014. Network problem just as described. Impossible to reach technical support so I decided to buy another power supply. Problem remains the same.


            10 days and not a clue. Changed three eth cables and everything is running fine in my house (network and internet). Power light is on, network light is off and impossible to reset.


            Can you please tell me what I have to do to have my slingbox repaired under warranty?


            Thank you for your help.


            Gennaro Di Marino

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                Me too.  What's the fix?

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                    Me too. Pro HD working perfectly well then a very faint blinking of the network light and cannot use Slingplayer at all now. Cannot reset either (i.e. the button depresses but does nothing at all) . I have two power plugs and the two green lights (ie incl.network light) are fine on my old, original Slingplayer (i.e. the silver brick) but strangely does not work either. I've been told on another forum (lost it now) it might be capacitors. If so then this is very annoying as I already upgraded from the silver brick to the black Pro HD. I guess I am forced to upgrade again but frankly, if not resolved will not do so and look elsewhere from now on. Buying two Slingboxes and paying for so many app costs (Windows, iphone, ipad etc) then HD upgrade....list is endless - is now making me completely go off Slingplayer products when I have, previously, bee a great fan and extolled its virtues to many people. No longer!