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    Slingbox knocked off Uverse internet


      A few weeks ago, I switched from Charter to Uverse internet. (My Charter internet went out every time it rained.)


      I have two slingboxes (Pro and Solo) and a tv connected to the router through a 4-port Slinglink. I rarely had any problems until I changed to Uverse. Now, every time I watch one of my Slingboxes, it works fine for a while (from a few minutes to a couple of hours), but then it freezes. This even happened once while watching from home. When this happens, all of the devices connected through the Slinglink lose their connections, although all other devices (laptop, Ipad, etc) remain connected. If I unplug the router for a few seconds, everything reconnects normally.


      I don't know if this is a router problem or a Slinglink problem. Has anyone seen this before?

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          cody.sling Novice

          Hi Gort,


          Thank you for posting to the Answers Forum.


          I believe that you may have provided your own solution, just disconnect the SlingLink. If you can't determine which device is the issue, remove one from the equation. Connect one Slingbox directly to the router, connect to the Slingbox and wait to see if the Slingbox and router/Internet freeze. If they do not and you just want to be sure, connect the SlingLink like you had it before and test the Slingbox. Then, wait and see if the Slingbox and router/Internet freeze.


          Then you just have to ask yourself "which one worked?"


          Hope this information helps.



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