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    Stuttering whilst streaming to Apple TV



      My Slingplayer app works fine on my iPad, when I try and play it through my TV it starts to buffer and stutters. Switching back to my ipad, the play is fine. I have fast connection on the internet at home and also to my sling box 350. Does anybody have any idea why this may be happening?


      I'm with AT&T U-Verse, and using a U-Verse router in my house. Frankly, I'm baffled.


      Many thanks for your help with this.



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          Raushawd Novice

          Hello geardownflap20



          Thank you for posting to the Answers Forums!!! We are happy to help . If you have buffering and stuttering when attempting to do airplay it could have something to do with your speeds at your location. I would recommend running a speedtest at the following website. I would recommend having over a 2mbps Upload/Download speed for an optimal viewing experience.











          The Sling Moderation Team