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    Red lines on my plasma from Slingbox 350 composite but not directly from HD box via HDMI


      I have a Panasonic Plasma, SlingBox 350, Motorola DCX3510 M HD cable box.  I had the composite out of the cable box into the Slingbox and out of the Slingbox to the TV via Composite cables.  About a week ago we switched to this new cable box from a Scientific Atlanta box with the same connections.  I started to see flickering on the TV then scrolling red lines from the bottom of the screen that would slowly work its way to the top of the screen and then flicker and start the process again.


      I left the composite connections as is, and directly connected an HDMI cable from the HD box directly to another port on the TV.  No scrolling red lines.  I flipped back to the composite (easy switch by pressing a button on the Panasonic) and there the lines were.


      I tested the slingbox remotely and it appears to work fine watching remotely.   What issues am I going to run into leaving the configuration like this?  If I shouldn't leave the HDMI out from the HD box directly to the TV and need to run everything through the slingbox via the composite cables, how do I fix the scrolling red lines issue?


      I saw the post about the copy guard and I'm thinking that both HDMI out and composite out of the HD box will trigger copy guard and not allow me to have a good picture via the slingbox.