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    Slingbox does not remember my remotes after setup.


      What I have connected:


      1. Seagate Freeagent Theater+

      2. HomeWorx HW-150PVR


      I have my Slingbox PRO for 4 years and this past week the SlingPlayer app for Android stopped working for one of my inputs (Freeagent Theater+). After trying it online the remote would not work there either.


      I went online and set up the inputs again, and it will still not work online or on the phone.

      It does work as I test the remotes during the setup process but once I finish only one of the remotes will work (different each time I complete the setup process). On the Android app it will have different controls then what they should be and pressing any of the buttons does not do anything. Online the controls will be grayed out.


      As I mentioned, everything was working fine for years and I added the HomeWorx box about 5 months ago.


      I have tried downloading the remote codes again but that did not work.

      I tried resetting the Slingbox to factory condition and starting over but I get the same results.


      The codes for both remotes are V2010_PL.bin but one is 79 bytes and the other is 62.

      I don't know if this is part of the problem because of the same file name. I wouldn't think so because it has worked without issue for so long.


      Is the problem firmware related since it's not saving the files to my Slingbox properly?


      Any ideas would be appreciated.



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          alanrichey42 Master

          If you are using a Custom Remote V2010 then that means they are both mine.  Unfortunately ALL the Custom Remotes I build (700+) use 2010 as the code (and before anyone asks, there are only 46 'spare' codes available so there has to be duplication)


          Any you CANNOT load 2 Custom Remotes with the same code, so I have no idea how you managed to get it to work originally.  Maybe you originally had one of them that I did with a different code ?


          Anyway here is the Homework PVR recompiled to use V2011 as the code.   Should solve the problem



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              Hey Al,


              The new remote code was the solution. Well, after a quick 3 minute test on the Android app everything seems to be working the way it should.


              I'm not sure how both devices worked before but they did without any issue.


              Before I had this issue I used the setup process on the PC Slingplayer.

              This time I used both PC and the online setup and neither worked completely. I could use the remotes for testing but after that one would no longer work.

              However, with your new code I used the online setup and that worked.


              I'm thinking maybe I was using the same remote code for both devices before. But, I did try that this time and it wouldn't work.

              I seem to recall that using the PC setup you had to keep your custom remotes in a certain folder. The problem there was that they both were the same name so I couldn't save them to the same folder. And they follow a certain format so I couldn't change the name.

              Online, you just point to where the code is saved on your computer. PC setup only allows you to enter the custom code number. Weather or not that had anything to do with it, I'm still not sure.


              I will do some further testing to make sure it's working everywhere then report back.


              Thank you for the help and quick response.