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    SB200 No Network Light Please Help


      So I have have this thing for so long and I really would be upset if this thing picked now to die but I don't think this could cause I problem I was updating my router firmware remotely and my slingbox is set to a static on a different subnet anyway maybe it died before I did the update not really sure but I tried different power adapters the power light comes on but reset does nothing and when I plug the ethernet to my computer it shows that it connecting and disconnecting frequently tried to set a static on my computer to ping it and and it varies in request timed out and and unreachable I took it apart but don't konw what else I can do.


      Good news is I should be picking up a pro hd sb300 pro hd for 50 bucks with a slingcatcher (don't need it).  I use this to steal cable from my parents and where I live my internet sucks so this has worked fine because the quality is not that great but now since xfinity has all this stuff online I don't even know if I need a slingbox I use this with a comcast dta the free box so I don't know.


      Anyway any help would be great thanks