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    SlingPlayer iPhone can't stream form SlingBox 350


      I just installed a new SlingBox 350. It works fine with my Macs and my iPad - I have even tested the iPad using LTE instead of WiFi and it works fine. But the iPhone app connects, plays ofr a few seconds, then diconnects. It does this on LTE and my local LAN. I can use the same app to connect to my SlingBox PRO HD without issues, both LTE and local lan.  Both SlingBoxes are connected to Gigabit switches and the entire network is Gigabit. Is seems to be the interaction of the iPhone app and the 350. I tried going back to the previous version of the app (deleted, reinstalled) and it made no difference. Also deleting and reinstalling the current app did not help. Is there something I need to do or is there a problem with the app?