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    App disconnects when using programmed remote


      I has to use a different remote as the exact one for my dcx3501m didn't have one listed.  I used one from an identical comcast box (I have charter) and it tested fine.  Further it works fine on a laptop.  Unfortunately whenever I load the app on my iPad and change the channel with the remote the app disconnects.  The tv channel does successfully change but the app disconnects and I can't see the tv until I restart. Help, I'm leaving the country in six days and need my access to watch sports.


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          kevin.sling Apprentice

          Hey 272150140571701,


          Sorry you are experiencing this issue.


          I have 2 things that you can try:


          1. Uninstall and Reinstall the application on your iPad.  This will make sure you have the current software on your iPad.
          2. Reconfigure the input and when you type in the model number of your cable box, use "Charter Remote" as the model number.  This is the universal remote for Charter cable company.  This will display a Charter remote as well.


          Please let me know if this works or not.


          Waiting your response!!!


          Kevin Sling Media Moderation Team