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    Can connect to Slingbox on local network but not remotely


      I have just set up my Slingbox 350 and I can connect and stream fine on my PC, iPad and iPhone when I am connected to my home network.


      When I switch off wifi on the iPad and iPhone and used cellular 3g instead (in order to test remote connectivity) I cannot connect to the Slingbox. I get a message which says "Slingplayer cannot connect to your slingbox. Please make sure that your iPad and Slingbox are connected to the Internet and try again."


      My router is a Technicolor TG582n and UPnP is enabled.


      My 3g reception and bandwidth is reasonably good - 3Mbps down / 500kbps up.


      I have tried the following - re-testing remote connectivity after each step - all to no avail -


      • Reboot Slingbox 350
      • Reboot router
      • Assign static DCHP reservation to the Slingbox 350 in router
      • Open port 5201 in router (with UPnP on)
      • Reboot router
      • Open port 5201 (with UPnP off)
      • Reboot router
      • Factory reset the Slingbox 350 and set up again from scratch (twice)
      • Completely delete device from router and reboot Slingbox 350 so router sees it      as a new device


      • Various combinations of the above a second and third time + changing device name      in router (not that it should make a difference)



      I have left it as I think it should be set-up, Slingbox has a static DCHP reservation and port 5201 is open (with UPnP on) and in this state PFPortChecker is reporting that port 5201 on TCP is indeed open but I'm still unable to connect remotely.


      I work in web/multimedia so I'm tech savvy and no stranger to port forwarding etc. I like to think I'm patient and methodical but I've now been trying to get this d*mn thing to work for the best part of eight hours and I'm at the end of my tether! Please could someone from Slingbox advise me on next steps to resolve this problem.