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    Slingplayer app 3.7.34 issues with Iphone 4s Previous version Worked!


      The previous version of Slingplayer would stream fine to my ROKU 2.0 with no issue and since I upgraded last week to the next version recently relaesed slingplayer app 3.7.34 None of our Ipones or Ipads will stream to it anymore after upgrading.


      Also get intemittent disconnects,


      Get the Following Message:


      Slingplayer cannot connect to your slingbox. Make sure your iphone is connected to the Intrernet (8).


      This is an issue with the new app version as it does the same thing on every device. HOW CAN I GET BACK THE PREVIOS VERSIONBACK? WHEN WILL SLINGBOX ACKNOWELEDGE THE ISSUE WITH THE NEW VERSION? I AM NO LONGER ABLE TO USE MY DEVICE.