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    Roku stick and iPhone Slingplayer app - no video output to TV,


      Good Day All,


      I recently purchased a Roku stick and was attempting to test the use of hte SlingApp on the iphone to push stream.

      When i click on the icon to stream to a device on the iphone i get a choice of Roku 1 or iphone, i choose Roku 1.

      The SlingPlayer app on the Roku stick starts and stays on the screen, but no video, a few second later the audio starts to play on the iphone and no video on either Roki stick or iphone.

      *Both devices are on the same wifi network.


      Troubleshooting steps i have preformed as advised by Roku CS:

      -uninstalled sling app on roku and on iphone > same result.

      -uninstalled both apps, reset Roku and iphone, reinstall apps  > same result.



      I hope some one out there can shed some light on this issue and how to correct it.


      Thank you

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          I have the same issue with Android and Roku Stick - please help someone

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            cody.sling Novice

            Hiyo devdevk,


            Thank you for posting the Forums. I would definitely be frustrated if I was going through this issue, so lets see what we can do to assist you.

            With the SlingPlayer for Mobile Devices and SlingPlayer for Roku, the SlingPlayer initializes the streaming first and then it is sent to the Roku. If there are issues with either device maintaining a solid network connection that could cause the video to not show up on the Roku. You would first need to check the network speeds at the Roku location. I have provided a link below to assist with that.



            If your network speeds are meeting the minimum requirement, the next thing that you can do is disconnect the Wi-Fi connection. Take the Roku and hardwire it to the router (if it is not already) and see if that improves the streaming quality.


            Below I have provided the FAQ for the Roku, please take a moment and look through them. There may be some helpful information.



            If nothing in the FAQ's or what I have suggested assist you, please reply back and we will continue to see what our options are.



            Hope this helps,




            Sling Media Forum Moderation Team

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                Hi Cody, thanks for the reply and pointers.


                Sad to say that I am in the same stuation.


                I am going to details my setup and the steps taken:


                Wifi Router - I have a Linksys E1200 set to G-Only mode and am using WPA2 encryption.  I also have QOS turned off.


                To start from scratch I uninstalled the Sling Box from my iPhone and then reset my Roku stick to the factory settings.


                -I then configured the Roku Stick back to it settings with all my channels and the Wifi network.

                -I then re-downloaded the app to my iphone and connected to my sling box. I was able to see the icon appear to send to the Roku stick.

                -I attempted to send to the stick and the selection on the iphone was "Roku 1", choose Roku 1 and the video disappeared from the phone and the Slingplayer channel screen appears on the TV. The iphone now states "you are currently watching TV with a Roku streaming player. Tap the icon next to the volume bar to watch on your mobile device."

                *There is no video on the TV only the Slingplayer screen and the audio of the channel showing is being played on the iphone.


                Troubleshooting steps:

                -While the stick and phone are in the above state, i pulled the power plug on the stick.

                -I tap the icon to return to viewing on the iphone. I noticed that the icon to push to the stick is now gone ( as expected).

                -The sitck rebootsand comes up as expected, I checked for the icon to push on the ipnone, no icon visible (as expected)

                -I killed the Slingapp on the iphone, restarted it and the icon to push to sitck is not visible.

                -I attempted to push to the stick again and got the choice "Roku 1" and chose it.........same result, Slingplay screen shows on the TV and audio being played on the iphone.


                I hope my deatils for the issue can help with getting the issue resolved.


                Can someone share the connection flow between the ipone and the Roku stick.


                Thank again Cody, I hope you can share some more information on how to possibly fix issue.