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    Slingplayer crashes


      On my Samsung Galaxy S5, I am running most recent Android, 4.42. My Slingplayer 2.9.2 connects easily to my Slingbox Pro, showing an acceptable picture and sound. However the program crashes instantly upon my inputing the first digit of the channel to which I wish to switch. I don't even get a chance to input the second digit. It happens each and every time thereby rendering the program useless.


      Before getting the new phone and updated operating system, I had no troubles of this nature.


      Have you, by chance, failed to update Slingplayer so that it's compatable with Android 4.42 (Kitkat)?. In any case, what should I do to address this problem?

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          Both my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 have the same problem. Slingplayer crashes when a number key is pressed. Both devices are running 4.4.2.

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              That seals it for me.  There is somethiing about that 4.4.2 update that requires app adjustments.  I had exactly the same problem with my weightwatchers app.


              Now you know it and I know it, but does Slingbox know it and does it care?



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              anthony.sling Apprentice

              Hey rconant,


              The Slingbox Pro is not supported by the mobile applications. Below is an article that will show you what Slingbox is supported by which SlingPlayer application:



              Kind Regards,


              Sling Media Moderation Team

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                  I have the Pro-HD and have the exact same issue. Is Sling looking into this?

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                    My mistake.  I have the Pro-HD, not the Pro.  (Actually, I also have the Pro, but that's not where the issue is.)


                    The problem is, I am nearly certain, you  haven't updated the app for Android 4.4.2. I have exactly the same problem with the weightwatchers app, which also crashes the instant I try to send data. At least, they have acknowledged the issue and are in the process of fixing it.  You haven't.


                    As you can see by examining other messages on the forum, I am by no means alone.



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                    I tried Slingplayer on a HTC One, also running Andoid 4.4.2.  I ran OK.  So now I think the problem is associated with my S5.  Siince another users also reported an issue with the S5, it may be generic to that phone rather than unique to mine.


                    I finally got feedback from Slingbox after, hearing nothing relevant, I wrote Econstar's president.  (It owns Slingbx) I got a response by phone from an Echostar executive, who was pretty hostile.


                    His basic message was that since there were only 2 S5 users complaining in the forum about thier problem crashing, Slingbox was going to ignore it.


                    I was actually on the verge of purchasing the 500, but now I think I'd rather deal with organizations that try to be civil wthi their good customers.



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                      This issue does not appear top have been resolved.   I also have an S5.  I do not have the LastPass app on my phone & the slingplayer app still does not work.  Has anyone resolved this issue?  The whole reason I purchased the slingplayer & slingplayer app was to watch on my phone & I can't.


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                          I also have an S5 and Slingplayer doesn't work for me.  I switched from a fully functioning Motorola Razr that rarely had issues with slingox.  Now the S5 loads up and then freezes immediately.


                          I also recently upgraded to the X1 DVR with Comcast.


                          I saw some people said to uninstall LastPass, but I don't use it or have it on my S5.