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    admin password on android


      Having issues connecting to mobile using MotoX phone.  Keeps asking me for a password.  The password used to log in with my PC works, I've reset the Sling box 350, and removed and reinstalled the app with no luck.  Tried over wifi and 4G with no luck.  It finds my account, finds I have a box, but when it tries to connect, it asks for the password.  Any advice??

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          jenn.sling Newbie

          Hi ACC6109964,


          Thanks for posting to the forums!


          When you reset your Slingbox, did you factory reset the unit or did you just disconnect it from it's power source?


          If you have not tried to factory reset your Slingbox, I would recommend completing that step as well. This article will guide you through the factory reset process for your specific Slingbox:



          Once your Slingbox is completely reset, you will need to go to Watch on slingbox.com to setup your Slingbox again.


          Once your Slingbox has been completely setup, I recommend removing the SlingPlayer application from your phone and then reinstalling it again for good measure. You should then be able to connect to your Slingbox without being prompted for an admin password.


          Hope this helps!



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