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    Slingbox Plug-Ins Will Not Work...


      Dear Slingbox...


      The problem I'm incurring is with your Slingbox Plug-Ins for browsers.  I've repeatedly attempted to use them but they repeatedly fail to work.  Up until upgrading my OS to Windows 8.1 Pro, I was able to use the SlingPlayer from SoftTronic and bypass the problematic Win 8 SlingPlayer App and the Plug-Ins for IE v11 and Chrome Version 34.0.1847.116 m.  I also receive the infamous Generic Error message that many other users in this forum have experienced.

      To give you background info on my attempts, I have two laptops running Win 8 and Win 8.1 Pro.  The browsers are 32 bit even though my OS 64-bit.  They both have at least 8GB RAM with 500GB drives.  One has an i5 processor, the other an i7.  The browser plug-ins have never worked for me, even when I was running Win 7 on my machines.  The only success I've ever had is with the Global SliingPlayer application.  I work for the U.S. Military in Germany and my SlingBox sits in the states at my sister's home.  Speed of my network is never an issue (I have no problem streaming Hulu Plus or Netflix).

      Any suggestions?  If I can't get this worked out, I'm going to sell the box.


      Thanks in advance....


      Terry Talley

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          kevin.sling Apprentice

          Hello ACC580885,


          Sorry that you are having a hard time watching your Slingbox from the web browsers.


          I had a question for you, what Slingbox model do you have?  If you have an older model Slingbox, you can still use the desktop software for that model.


          Here is the link if you have a Slingbox model older the the Slingbox 350 and 500:



          Awaiting your response!!!



          Sling Media Moderation Team

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              This is on your end Sling. Either on your backend or in your plugin, this is something going on with you.


              I reinstalled Windows 8.1 from scratch, only loaded  one piece of software: Firefox 29, with only one plugin: your Slingbox  player plugin, and it still doesn't work on Firefox. Sits on "Connecting  to My Slingbox" until an error pops up saying "SlingPlayer Web Plug-in  may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the plugin  now, or you can continue to see if the plugin will complete."


              I can get it to work from Internet Explorer, but not Firefox. Which means at the very least your Firefox plugin is broken.



              Slingbox 350, wired directly into Asus RT-N66U router.

              OS:  Clean install of Windows 8.1U1, no software installed other than  Firefox 29 and your plugin. When Firefox 30 came out, updated to that  with no change.



              Core i7 930 CPU

              24 GB PC3-12800 RAM

              nVidia GeForce GTX 670 GPU

              OCZ-Vertex 4 250GB SSD

              WD 1TB HDD

              Asus RT-N66U Wireless N Dualband 2.4/5GHz Router.

              Comcast 105/25 Mbps Down/Uplink