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    iPad application functions


      Tried to login to Slingbox Pro-HD and couldn't because DirecTv DVR is not powered on.  I am 400 miles from slingbox connected via WiFi and can't figure out how to turn it on.  The remote on the app doesn't seem to do anything.  Any ideas?



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          Hi Hallelujah_Goat,


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          If you have a black screen while connected to your Slingbox PRO-HD, you might just need to press the power button on your virtual remote to "wake" your DirecTV DVR.


          If pressing the power button does not restore audio and video on your SlingPlayer for iPad application, the Slingbox IR signal might be having trouble reaching your DVR receiver. I would  recommend checking the placement of the IR sensors. This article will guide you through the proper troubleshooting steps for your Slingbox IR sensors:



          If you find that the Slingbox IR emitters are not the issue, it's also possible that you have an incorrect virtual remote configured. This article will guide your through the remote configuration process:



          Hope this helps!



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