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    Cannot watch on a particular network, what settings to change


      I have a 350, that is setup correctly and working at the source location, my home.  I use it all the time on both MAC OS 10, Windows 7 and on my iPhone OS 7.  It works.


      However, at my fiancee's house, I cannot get it to connect from either the MAC OS 10 or the Windows 7.  I get the W202 error.  I am however able to connect on the iPhone, which is connected to her network.  I do have access to the router, have checked its settings and do not see anything preventing it.  The connection through the ISP (Time Warner Cable) is working very well.  Download speed is 20Mbps.  There must be a setting on the router I'm missing.  I disconnected wireless and connected direct to the modem, same issue.


      Browser is Firefox.  Again, works on other networks, just not this particular one.