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    New Work Computers


      I work in a hospital and up to now was able to connect to my slingbox HD by using the old downloaded/installed slingplayer version 2.0 and adjusting the port to 443 on an XP computer.  Despite the remote being only partially functional it was an acceptable way to watch my tv on long call days.  Now the hospital has replaced the old computers with new Windows 7 computers and now I can no longer access slingbox.com (blocked) and cannot install the slingplayer without administrative priveleges.  I can access facebook but I do not see a way to change the port on this slingplayer and it will not connect.  In the distant past, faced with a similar situation, I was able to put the slingplayer on a thumb drive and access it this way but in this day and age of utilizing the online services of slingbox.com and facebook.com, I was not sure if this was still an option.  I do have a copy of the slingplayer 2.0 installation file and wonder if this will work on the system I described or are there other ways I have not tried of connecting.

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          Hello Timmyvee,


               Reading the information provided it sounds like the new computers also came with additional firewalls and/or an anti-virus program. Unfortunately we are unable to bypass these issues and you will want to contact your IT department for further assistance. I do recommend to try to watch on a different supported browser. I have added an article with our current list of supported browsers just in case you need it.



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