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    Descriptive Names for Multiple Roku Devices in SlingPlayer for Android


      The Problem

      I've read in the answers forum that there isn't currently a way to name the Roku players that are displayed in the "choose device" pop-up from the Android SlingPlayer. I have 4 Roku 3s and each one has a custom descriptive name. The Roku, Roku's website, and the Roku Android app all display the descriptive names, which is extremely helpful when choosing which Roku to stream SlingPlayer to. The worst part is that the default names Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 3, and Roku 4 do not seem to be statically assigned. For example, the label Roku 1 may be assigned to one physical Roku device one day and the next day it may be assigned to another device. When I want to stream to a specific Roku device I have to choose each label (Roku 1, Roku 2, etc.) until I see the SlingPlayer app start on the Roku. For the non-technical, like my wife, it makes the SlingPlayer-Roku experience almost unusable. See attached screenshot for visual representation of "choose device" pop-up from Android SlingPlayer app.



      • Are there any suggestions to overcome the obstacle that my situation presents?
      • Are there any plans to allow descriptive names to be used to identify environments that contain multiple Roku devices?