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    WD TV Live streaming media player


      I am using a slingbox HD pro connected to a WD TV live box through internet and the video is streaming well. The slingbox video feed is coming from the Analog Antenna signal so managed by the slingbox tuner.


      Unfortunately I cannot change channels on neither the remote that comes with the WD TV Live nor using the "on screen display" that that are build in the Slingplayer app.


      When clicking on a number on the WD TV Live remote nothing happens, even though it is a single digit channel. Moreover all the numbers or arrows for up and down on the "on screen display" in the app are grayed out so cannot be selected. The Misc tab do not display any options neither.


      Please let me know how I can change channels on either the remote that comes with the WD TV Live or the "on screen display" in the app.


      Until now I must connect my Slingplayer on my iPad, then change channel and go back to til WD player which is streaming better on the TV than from iPad via Apple TV and Airplay.


      Can anyone help me.

      Hans Rysgaard